Universal Principles

by Gaston Saint-Pierre


Let me introduce it through talking about creativity. What is happening when there is creativity? We are creating a new universe. Creativity is the formation of a different universe, a parallel universe. It is a movement of being into the unknown. And creation has no recipe, it doesn’t happen in accordance to a program. It is forever new and fresh.

But what is the connection with us? It is that we are called upon to reveal the work of art that we are. And we are the ultimate work of art. The artist, the painter, the composer, the poet is still putting something out there. From the creator to the creation. But then for us we are the creator and the creation. There is no longer something out there. For a composer, for an artist there are certain ground rules that need to be established. The artist will find out about the laws of perspective, will also explore the different hues that come from mixing specific pigments, so creating through mixing two blots of paint, coming to a particular color that is in harmony with his or her vision. The composer will know about the laws of harmonics, will practice scales on his instruments, will attune the strings, will learn how to hold the bow, in preparation of expressing something called music. What do we do then for us? And what are we about to explore? We are about to explore the laws that regulate the universe, from the sub-particles to the galaxies. Because everything is according to laws. There is tremendous order. And then this will help us find our place in the universe. Where do we fit in? And why is it important where we fit in in the cosmic scheme? It is that we need a secure place. In order to make music the musician will need an instrument, in order to create a sculpture, the sculptor will need some base material, like iron or bronze or stone. In order to step out of the cosmos we need to be secure about the diving board, that allows to take us soaring to the sky. We need a well grounded trampoline to reach the highest. Because creativity entails the diving into a kind of alien type of world all together where there is no precedent. Something is going to appear where nothing has ever been. So there is need for a certain security to be able to afford to alienate ourselves, to be a foreigner in ones own country. There are a few books written about the alien, the foreigner. But very often, the person who alienates his or herself may fall into a schizophrenia, may explore some kind of psychotic reality. That’s not what we want to do. Very often people that go into worlds that are alien to the everyday world in order to create will become very ill. The romantic for example will suffer from pneumonia. There is the universe as we know it. And the universe that we can create out of the fibers of ones own being which is a parallel type of universe. That universe to be created there is no program, no recipe that one can use from this.

So the question is how then can we alienate ourselves, create ourselves while remaining healthy for the environment. We have …..at our disposal. By noticing the facts, acknowledging their presence and letting them be, the power of the facts can be used to propel us into these unknown dimensions. So we can step off this universe to align ourselves to a new cosmos and to a new order that was never up till now. Each human being is a potential of a different universe with the revelation of ones own wholeness. Of course it is very challenging for the everyday reality, for the conventional ways of behaving and it is very dangerous to the conditioning and to habits and tendencies and also to instinct. Because instinct is a crystallized form of habit that the mind has found useful in order to ensure its survival. So it is no wonder that the artist very often is considered as a rebel. But here, with the Metamorphic Technique and the Universal Principles we practice a kind of very quite type of revolution. Because the whole of our approach is based in love. And love doesn’t need a strong, declamatory voice. We simply let be. And the being in fact is the energy that can not only transform a fact but transform us. And the soul (?) starts revealing the unique universe that we are, each one of us. So one work of art doesn’t invalidate another work of art. A picture by Rembrandt will not invalidate a picture by Turner. There are total in themselves. At times their totality will be a very challenging thing for the conventional artist. Because it will show off the conventional artist for who that person is, abiding by the rules of the universe in which we are now.

So then, why do we study the Universal Principles?

Not only to find out how everything functions in this universe of ours, but also to establish the ground which we can use as a diving board into the unknown of our own selves. So in the diving we can leave that knowledge behind and rejoice in the glory of the dive. What we are going to do then is to find out which principle today regulates each one of us and how these principles relate to one another. It may not be the principles that will regulate our lives in a week’s time. The traffic laws that are important in Berlin, for example, which say you must stop at a red light when driving a car will not be very important when we are driving a car in the black forest. But the law that says drive slowly – animals crossing – that will be important then. If we inform ourselves of these traffic laws then we will have an easy journey. These laws are not there to control us. They are there to help us with our journey.

There are different types of movement. It is very difficult for the mind to understand that there can be movement with nothing that moves. But it is out of that movement of nothing that moves that something will appear in time, space and matter. There are movements that regulate matter, time and space or form. So we are going to look at these two types of movement. The movement from which the universe comes and the movement that regulates the manifestations that is the universe. Why should we look at this? It is, that at the moment we are crossing a threshold. In terms of consciousness and in terms of our way of being in the world. It is, that there is an actual acceleration of the frequency of the vibrations not only of the earth - plants and animals and minerals – but an actual acceleration of the frequencies of our own consciousness, because consciousness is a frequency. And also an acceleration of the frequency of our way of love. Because love is a frequency, It is a very subtle type of movement of energy. Of course with acceleration it creates a tremendous unease. The mind is not very happy because it feels it is loosing control. One feels that one is no longer at home in oneself because the reference points that one was familiar with are dissolving to be replaced by subtler, finer reference points but we have difficulties to recognize them, because they are without precedents. And so we are venturing into unknown territory. But if we recognize that this territory is regulated by laws, and that the whole of the cosmos is contriving to make us move and to explore and to discover, then our pursuit will be done not out of fear, but out of the pleasure of discovering new landscapes of being. So that light and heart can unite in a much more intimate embrace so much that we can be light-hearted.