The Metamorphic Technique

Basic Workshop

This workshop is directed towards all the people who want to learn about the Metamorphic Technique, a highly advanced and still simple approach to self-development and transformation. It lasts usually for 10 to 12 hours during which time people will practise a very light form of touch on one another's feet, hands and head, while the principles are explained.

First we look at the context in which Metamorphosis happens: the movement of Change, the movement of Transformation and the movement of Life. Having established this context with the aid of a diagram on the board, then we look into the genesis of the work, exploring how Robert St. John, the founder of this work, came to realizing that behind the principles connected with Reflexology, there were deeper principles at work such as the Prenatal Pattern. We also study the Principle of Correspondence and discuss in depth what detachment means. Having looked at the parallel evolution of the consciousness and the physical aspects of our being in gestation, we then go on to study the nature of the energy blockages and the place that Metamorphosis occupies in the healing spectrum. We end the workshop with the exploration of the conceptual pattern work.

During our own gestation period different patterns were established. Two of them are the afferent and the efferent patterns. During the first 4.5 months the afferent pattern is established. It is concerned with the mental aspect of ourselves, the ability to be aware, and the development of the masculine side of a human, i.e. the one that triggers new levels of manifestations.

In the second part of the gestation - the last 4.5 months - the efferent pattern is established concerned with the ability of a human to engage with life and to respond to its manifestations, the establishment of the roots of a social being, and the development of the feminine side of a human being i.e. the ability to welcome what has been triggered by the masculine, to bring it to maturity, to let go of it and through its magnetism to attract new triggers.

We are these two patterns, one usually more dominant than the other. In relationship, we tend to choose a partner whose dominant pattern is our secondary one, to establish equilibrium in oneself.

The aim of the workshop is to provide people with a practice they can use with family, friends and members of the general public. Throughout the workshop the accent is on the practice while the principles behind the work are explained.