European College for Yoga and Therapie – Kloster Gerode

The Campus

There are many reasons why people come to Kloster Gerode, the home of Benefit Yoga ® and Benefit Yoga ®  Therapy: to study, to receive treatment, to participate in cultural events or to take part in health and wellness programs - stating only a few. People from various countries meet at ECYT to study together in the fields of Holistic Health and Yoga. The exchange between different people and cultures facilitates deep individual and group experiences.

ECYT at Kloster Gerode offers intense meeting and sharing all year round. It is a place where information, inspiration and transformation go hand in hand with the daily challenges of studying.Studying here takes place in a unique "learning community". Each participant is asked to come with the intention to learn, share and fully participate in their chosen program. Our philosophy is based on Contemplative and Integrative LearningTM. Carried by teachers, students, and the staff, the classes combine theory and practice in an alive atmosphere addressing each student individually and holistically. The variety of educational opportunities, innovative teaching methods, healthy natural vegetarian food and marvellous surroundings contribute to making ones stay here a very special experience.

Kloster Gerode - Holistic Health, Treatment and Education Center as well as the home of ECYT, is nestled in the picturesque hilly landscape between Harz and Ohm mountains in the heart of Germany. The monastery is placed within a very beautiful property of 25 acres with many old trees and an interestingly diverse flora and fauna. The sense of tranquility and ease is enhanced by the original paradise spring, by pond and brooks. There are fields with organic vegetables, orchards and herb gardens with medical plants laid out according to the Benedictine tradition. An ancient stone wall from the 14th century is surrounding the Kloster Gerode property, offering a protected space in which it is easy to turn to studies and once again find access to your inner resources.

It is at a distance from the main traffic routes, but easy to reach by train and by car. The nearest airports are Frankfurt and Hanover.