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Touch of Presence - 2022

Ort: Berlin
Dozent(en): Giorgia Milne
Preis: € 230,-
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Touch of Presence - English version

Essence of Biodynamic Cranial Approach (BCA) for anyone. Highly recommended as a very important foundation and orientation for all Touch of Presence® School for Biodynamic Studies Courses. It is often offered in combination with other courses available to practitioners or non-practitioner alike. This course serves as a brief introduction to the approach and enough experience to get a sense of the transmission and whether you would like to go deeper in the exploration of BCA. There are also 3 and 4-day versions depending on location and whether foreign language translation is required. Attending this course provides the fundamental orientation to all the other courses and allows you entry into the Touch of Presence Retreats (unless specified as a graduate-only retreat).

At its essence, this work is altogether simple and profound. Beginner and advanced. It is inherent to our human capacity for unconditional love and kindness transmitted through embodied touch.

“In the circle the beginning and end are one.”

“The test of first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still function.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald