European College for Yoga and Therapie – Kloster Gerode

ECYT Teacher Team

The ECYT Faculty Members

include qualified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists as well as guest lecturers from all over the world. Yoga Teachers who are also qualified as Yoga Therapists have taken a profound additional training in Yoga Therapy over several years. All teachers and lecturers also have a professional background in the field of medicine and/or social professions, in psychotherapy or as body therapists. The inspirational force for the College is Dr. Daya Mullins, who developed Benefit Yoga® and Benefit Yoga® Therapy as well as the comprehensive ECYT Study Programs many years ago, and who embodies these teachings in a highly competent, joyous, direct, and deeply compassionate way.

Daya Mullins

Ph.D., M.S.C., Studies in Yoga, Ayurveda, pedagogics, psychology and comparative religion. Founder and President of Weg der Mitte Non-Profit Foundation for Holistic Medicine, Health, Education and Social Services as well as of the European College for Yoga and Therapy ECYT.
She teaches internationally, is an author, and member of the Advisory Council of the International Association of Yoga Therapists IAYT, USA.
Dr. Daya Mullins teaches Yoga since 1968 and is Master Teacher in the long-term Yoga educational and post graduate Study Programs at ECYT.
Focus ECYT: Benefit Yoga® Therapy, Yoga psychology, Pranayama and meditation, supervision and mentoring

Bettina Becher

Healing Practitioner (HP) in the Naturopathic Practice of Weg der Mitte, Benefit Yoga® Teacher EUYT, Study of Ayurveda. Benefit Yoga®Therapist. Study of Indology, translator.
Focus ECYT: Yoga philosophy, Benefit Yoga® Therapy and Ayurveda.

Frank Beese

Teacher of Nada Yoga, physiotherapist, pedagogue and musician (Swaramandala).
Frank Beese has studied the spiritual and therapeutic dimensions of Indian Ragas for over 35 years. He studied with various master musicians, including Budhaditya Mukherjee and Pandit Manilal Nag and is playing the Sitar, the santur and other instruments. Artistic collaboration with various dancers, actors, and Indian vocal and instrumental ensembles.
Focus: Nada Yoga, Ayurveda, massage

Ilona Exner

Dance Therapist (FITT), Benefit Yoga® Teacher EUYT, HP (Psychotherapy), self-employed work in the area of health prevention as well as longstanding professional experience in the area of rehabilitation within the frame of a psychosomatic clinic.

Focus ECYT: Asana, body perception and integration of Benefit Yoga® into daily life, methodology and didactics

Manmath M. Gharote

M.Ed. (Phy), Ph.D. (Phy), D.Litt., N.D., D.Y.Ed., Dip. in Yoga Therapy, Dip. in Sports Medicine, Dip. in Physiotherapy, Dip. in Sports Journalism, Director of the Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), member of the Advisory Board of ECYT.
Dr. Manmath Gharote devotedly continues to further the work of his well-known father, Dr. M. L. Gharote, who was a great scholar and researcher in the field of Yoga. Dr. M. M. Gharote´s work in Yoga is based on the tradition of Swami Kuvalayananda.
Focus: Yoga philosophy

Reimund Grewe

M.A. Asian Studies, Dr. of Acupuncture, O.M.D. Healing Practitioner (HP), member of the Advisory Board at ECYT, Director of the BenefitCures® at Weg der Mitte (Acidity Elimination Therapy® and fasting cures), Director of the Naturopathic Medical Center with its department for Eastern Natural Medicine at Kloster Gerode.
Focus: Western and Complementary Medicine, Eastern Philosophy

Helmut Hoffmann

Banker, Benefit Yoga® Teacher EUYT
Focus: Eastern and Western Philosophy

Barbara Irmer

Benefit Yoga® Teacher EUYT, Benefit Yoga® Therapist, pedagogue (M.A.), Healing Practitioner HP, Breath and Movement Teacher, musician (Swaramandala), author
Focus: Nada Yoga, methodology and didactics, medical science for Yoga Teachers

Heidemarie Kneisner

Co-Director of the ECYT-Yoga Teacher Educations, Benefit Yoga® Teacher EUYT, Benefit Yoga® Therapist, Healing Practitioner HP.  
Focus: Hatha Yoga, the practical application of Yoga in daily life and Yoga Therapy, supervision

Sibylle Kurschat

Benefit Yoga® Teacher EUYT, Bene­fitYoga® Therapist, pedagogue (M.A.), Healing Pract­itioner (HP). She is leading the Yoga Intensive Trainings (6 prolonged weekends) at Kloster Gerode
Focus: methodology and didactics, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Yoga for senior citizens

Carmen Mager

Leader of the ECYT Yoga Therapy Study Programs, Benefit Yoga® Teacher EUYT, Bene­fit Yoga®- Therapist, Graduate Social Pedagogue, Healing Practitioner (HP), musician (Swaramandala).
Focus: Pranayama, Nada Yoga, medical science for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapy