European College for Yoga and Therapie – Kloster Gerode

Audio-CD: Swaramandala

Mantras, Bhajans and Sounds

The Music Kirtan is

an ancient Indian practice where Sanskrit Mantras and Bhajans (spiritual songs) are chanted in a devotional way. Indian instrumental music is played as a surrender to the divine through artful expression. In listening to devotional music each body cell starts to resonate in a harmonious and healing way. These vibrations can transcend the physical body and uplift our spirit and emotions. By recitation of mantras we can reconnect with the divine which is possible for us at each moment.

The Group Swaramandala

The musicians of Swaramandala are staff members of the European College for Yoga and Therapy ECYT. Besides giving concerts and offering Kirtan they teach Nada Yoga semianars - the yoga of sound. The ECYT is situated in the former Benedictine monastery Gerode in the heart of Germany. Here people can find a deeper connection to their own life force, to healing and to the spiritual source by practicing yoga. "Swaramandala - Mantras, Bhajans und Klänge" from the monastery Kloster Gerode with Frank Beese, Barabara Irmer and Carmen Mager is available in Weg der Mitte Berlin and Kloster Gerode (€ 18,-).