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The Origins of Health

Dozent(en): Michael Kern D.O., B.C.S.T., N.D.
Preis: € 550,-

Datum: 24. - 27.10.24

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The Origins of Health

Fluid Fields and Embryological Patterns of Organisation

The biodynamic model of Craniosacral Therapy is based on an understanding of the forces of creation. In the human embryo these forces organize the movements that take place during our growth and development, and carry an essential ordering matrix into the body that acts as a blueprint for health. 

Segmental fields of organisation appear during our embryological development, which orchestrate the growth, development and healing of all the tissues that grow within those segments. These fields of organisation continue throughout our lives, maintaining and healing our form and function.

Therefore, by working at the level of these ‘fluid fields’ it becomes possible to treat a wide variety of conditions at a deeper level of organisation. During this seminar we will explore these embryological expressions of health, as well as the impact of conditioning experiences that can occur throughout life. There will be ample time for table work, reflection and meditation.

Areas explored include:

  • deepening into the wholistic shift; being a drop in the ocean of primary respiration.
  • dynamics of conception and implantation; the inner cell body, outer cell body and connecting stalk.
  • the branchial arches and their derivatives.
  • embryological fluid fields of the head, face and throat and the formation of the face.
  • relating to cranial bones, facial bones, cranial nerves and muscles via the embryological fluid fields.
  • significance of the ‘social engagement system’ and polyvagal theory.
  • embryological fluid fields of the spine.
  • relating to vertebrae, spinal nerves, muscles, ligaments and viscera through fluid fields.
  • facilitated segments revisited.
  • natural fulcrums of the three embryological germ layers: the third ventricle, heart and umbilicus.
  • working with embryological triads and the upper embryological triad of the sphenoid, occiput and atlas.
  • our original blueprint for health; the perfection that lies at our core.


This seminar is open to any practitioners who have completed a foundation course in Craniosacral Therapy or Cranial Osteopathy, whether it be biodynamic, bio-mechanical or other. It is also open to people who are near to the end of longer trainings, even if not yet completed. In case of very short trainings, please contact us at Weg der Mitte.