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About Weg der Mitte

Weg der Mitte represents the following:

Weg der Mitte -The Middle Way- has been founded as Berlins first health and healing center in 1977 by Daya Mullins, Ph.D., M.S.C.. It is an independent Non-Profit Association for Holistic Medicine, Health, Education and Social Services, based on Daya Mullins' clear vision of a health system of the future. In 1977 she introduced the principles of holistic medicine, being present and interdenominational spirituality in daily life - still a novel approach in Germany at that time - as the basis of our health and education programs as well as of the Social Services of Weg der Mitte.

The Weg der Mitte - Daya Mullins Foundation runs the country-side healing center, the former Benedictine monastery Kloster Gerode. Kloster Gerode is located in Thuringia in the heart of Germany, and has also become the home of ECYT - the European College for Yoga and Therapy.

The work of Weg der Mitte is based on four pillars:

Healthy living – Education – Social Care Healing

Weg der Mitte – our name symbolizes the aim to deepen the understanding of each other in order to find a common denominator for the good of all concerned. Our work is based on holistic thinking and comprehensive ways of acting. We offer different programs to learn about healthy and creative ways of life, assisting the individual in the practical implementation in everyday life, thus supporting him/her in finding his/her own way to increased balance and health. Weg der Mitte is interdenominational and respects cultural and religious values of the traditions.

The overall intention of the work of Weg der Mitte is to support people holistically (including physical, emotional, mental as well as social and environmental aspects) thus contributing to individual, regional and global health. Within the context of the Social Services we offer a comprehensive program for the support of families. Our Benefit Cures® provide effective prevention, alleviate existing dysfunctions and lead to self-empowerment. In the Naturopathic Practices the patients/clients are advised and treated individually in a holistic way. The aims of Weg der Mitte are in line with the Ottawa Charta (WHO 1986), the Agenda 2030 and the Jakarta Declaration (1997) as regards the enhancement of regional and global health.

Over the years there has formed an inter-disciplinary team of approx. 120 staff members, including medical doctors, healing practitioners, psychologists, herbalists, homoeopaths, social workers, Yoga teachers and body therapists. In addition, we welcome several international guest teachers throughout the year. We are developing and teaching health enhancing strategies leading to inner harmony and self-empowerment as well as to personal and professional development without being limited to any particular dogma.

Since 1977 Integrative Learning™ has been an important aspect of Weg der Mitte's teaching structure. With the highest mindfulness possible in an atmosphere that supports the harmonious integration of all levels of man teachers and students work with medical, social, philosophical and spiritual studies as well as practical projects.

Weg der Mitte provides:

  • Teaching of lectures, seminars, cures, health programs as well as long-term study programs, continual professional educations and post-graduate trainings for students looking for professional qualification, to patients, medical doctors and medical personnel, therapists as well as to anybody wishing to expand his/her understanding of health and healing
  • Health, Healing and Education Centers in Berlin and at the former Benedictine Monastery Kloster Gerode, Thuringia
  • the European College for Yoga and Therapy ECYT
  • Social Services (since 1988) including the Family Care Service, the International Model Kindergarten (1987 - 2012, work with children and young people  as well as services for senior citizens in Berlin
  • the Voluntary Care and Visiting Service „Angels in Action“ (since 1988) for people who are chronically or terminally ill, such as cancer, M.S., PCP and Aids.They are visited either at home, in homes for the elderly, or hospitals.
  • mediation and conflict management for families
  • Patient Education Programs (PEP's) and research within the framework of the BenefitHealth programs® for patients suffering e.g. from rheumatism, tinnitus or heart and circulatory diseases
  • Natural Medicine practices complementing the allopathic approach
  • Placements for school graduates for the Voluntary Social Year, for young men doing compulsory community service and for trainees of all kinds


Weg der Mitte is member of:

  • Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband (one of the main umbrella organisations for welfare organisations)
  • European Union for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists (EUYT)
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), USA
  • Gesellschaft für biologische Krebsabwehr GfBK (Society for Biological Cancer Defence)
  • Fördergemeinschaft / Sponsorship of the Karl und Veronika Carstens-Foundation „Natur und Medizin“ (Nature and Medicine)
  • „Gesundheit Berlin“ (Berlin Health)
  • AGETHUR Landesvereinigung für Gesundheitsheitsförderung (Agency for Health Promotion in Thuringia)
  • Kneipp Association
  • „Eichsfeld aktiv“ (regional Community Initiative in Thuringia)


Co-operation with Hospitals, Health Institutes, Organisations and Universities, etc.:

  • Dr. Manmath Gharote, Lonavla Yoga Institute LYI for Literary and Scientific Research in the Field of Pure and Applied Yoga Science, India, in cooperation with Pune and Mumbai University
  • Dr. Larry Payne, Samata International Center for Yoga Therapy, Los Angeles, USA
  • Advanced courses in naturopathy for physiotherapists, ergotherapists and nurses in Berlin hospitals (Charité Universitätsmedizin, Vivantes Klinikum, St. Josef-Krankenhaus, Waldkrankenhaus Spandau) and training centers for people in the healing professions (Wannsee Academy Berlin, Diakonische Werke Hanover)
  • IGBM – Internationale Gesellschaft für biologische Medizin (International Foundation for biological medicine)
  • Arbeitskreis Kind und Familie von „Gesundheit Berlin“ (Working Committee Child and Family within „Gesundheit Berlin“)
  • Working Committee „Prevention“
  • Quality Management Association PQUSIS
  • the local Alliance for Families, Berlin
  • Anne and Philip Neess, Nordlys Centre, Silkeborg, Denmark


President of the Foundation: Managing Directors:
Daya Mullins, Ph.D., M.S.C.
Berlin: Anke Clausen, Uwe Fischer
Gerode: Anke Clausen and Anna Impekoven, CEOs