European College for Yoga and Therapie – Kloster Gerode

People, Approach and Vision

Yogic Science and Human Consciousness

The European College for Yoga and Therapy was founded by Daya Mullins, Ph.D., M.S.C. The College has, according to Weg der Mitte's aim as Non-Profit Foundation for Holistic Medicine, Health, Education and Social Services, the main objective to contribute to individual, regional and global health and peace, raising human consciousness through the application of Yogic science.

The Science of Holistic Living

An intertraditional, international and committed team of Yoga Teachers and Therapists is working together in order to give Yoga and Therapy a place of merit in the field of health and healing in Europe. All teachers at ECYT have an open and respectful understanding of Yoga honouring the great traditions, and have been teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapy for many years.

Studying at ECYT takes place in a unique "learning community". Yogic principles and methods as well as academic and practical work fuse into one teaching. The philosophy of ECYT is based on Contemplative and Integrative LearningTM. Well-balanced study programs are offering Yoga practice, lectures, Karma Yoga, Nada Yoga, Meditation and self-study. Carried by teachers, students, and the staff of Kloster Gerode, the classes combine theory and practice in an alive atmosphere addressing each student individually and holistically. The variety of educational opportunities, innovative teaching methods, healthy natural vegetarian food and marvellous surroundings contribute to making your stay at ECYT Kloster Gerode a very special experience.


Harmony between inner and outer world

To gain clarity and calmness of mind, students, residents and guests practise mindful presence and regular meditation. This intensive atmosphere supports and inspires the harmonious integration of the different levels of man. According to our teaching model of Integrative LearningTM at certain times of day students, residents and guests are joining in work tasks (Seva) and periods of silence. These activities support the integration of mental and emotional processes and are allowing to become quiet and more restful within oneself. This kind of inner connection helps thinking and feeling processes to deepen, learning more effectively and meeting oneself and others with more sensitivity.

When we so harmonize body, breath and mind, we come to deepen the understanding of ourselves. Our bodies will be healthier, our minds clearer, and we learn to see what is essential, while our hearts open, becoming receptive to Oneness.


New Dimensions in Learning and Living

We incorporate and promote the following guidelines in education in order to allow for new dimensions in learning and living:

  • all life is connected, holding a natural wisdom
  • to enjoy learning instead of seeing knowledge as an object - sharpening the intellect
  • to strengthen the ability for empathy and compassion - through self-acceptance and a contemplative practice - from emotion to feeling
  • effective action by committing oneself to academic, artistic, contemplative and practical discipline and to serving others - deepening intuition
  • to nourish the inherent potential for self-discovery and self-development in the students - from personality to essence
  • interest in people and respect for their individual way of learning and living - developing compassion
  • to cultivate an open mind - to be ready for creative impulses